We’ve produced…something!


Jess, Barnard and Ste in the main Kumasi market buying dynamos and searching for electronics. Note the Guiness billboard - Guiness is brewed in Kumasi!

Late last night my team (with some great help from IDDS superstars Barnard and Nagle) connected two stips of aluminum can (electrodes 1.0) to a dynamo (an AC generator) which we installed on an old bicycle. We then put the aluminum ends into a highly saturated salt-water solution. The pedals were cranked and vola! Bubbles!!! In the characteristic electrochlorination reaction H2 gas is formed so bubbles should occur. A DC battery produced an even more pronounced effect. While we could never smell chlorine, and mad green and black gunk (aluminum oxide compounds I presume) formed on the electrodes, our first attempt did produce something!

Baby steps, right?


2 responses to “We’ve produced…something!

  1. Eric,
    What an awesome life experience for you and your teammates. This is yet another big building block in your quest to make a difference.

    In a previous blog, you were questioning your value or maybe purpose. Then a few days later … you’re seeing Baby Steps. Wow!
    Before leaving, you and your teammates will undoubtedly develop real assets, both tangible and theoretical. More importantly its your inherit knowledge gained and then needed for an insight 6 months or even 6 years from now. Maybe it comes back to help Africa, maybe its elsewhere.

    Enough baby steps become a stride and the strides become incredible. And never rule out good ole serendipity!
    Its the cumulative knowledge that eventually serves the great minds.
    As Coach says, we only need 3 yards to stay on schedule. Sorry about that … but its true, take care of those little 3 yard gains and victory is simply a conclusion.
    So keep chasing the small details and keep accumulating those baby steps.

    We’re proud of you.
    Love Dad

  2. Thanks, Dad. We’ll see what kind of “difference” we really make.

    Yet again, your football analogies have it. We are “on schedule”, 3 yards at a time.

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