IDDS Family Fun

We had our first design review last Friday at the Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) of KNUST at Suame Magazine (a giant industrial scrap yard/craftsmen workspace/small business paradise).  This involved much preparation and a presentation by each team on their current problem framing and design(s).  The idea was to get feedback on our progress and solicit knowledge from other IDDS participants as well as the faculty and staff of the ITTU.  Our review went reasonably average.  My expectations for the quality of presentations (both those I give and those given to me) are inevitably too high.  So it goes.

This past weekend was our first and only free weekend at IDDS.  I spent almost all of it having fun with the people here.  We went dancing, took a day trip to Cape Coast, and I attended several “How-Tos”.  These taught me how to make a very effective solar water heater out of almost entirely recycled materials as well as how to make several types of inexpensive biodigesters.  Go cool technology!!

Cape Coast Castle

Atop the Cape Coast Castle (main exit point of slaves headed to the Americas)


Andres and Jess just before getting soaked by several huge waves

Monday night was international potluck night.  We were told to group ourselves into countries/regions and cook large batches of traditional food.  I have never had such an incredible array of delicious food at one time.   Some other Americans helped me make buckeyes!  Despite being pure sugar, chocolate and peanut butter, most people enjoyed them.

The past few days have been a blur of design, prototyping, business planning, electrolysis science, and people.  Stay tuned.

Before I go, I must give a special hello to my man, the money, Robinson.  He managed to get a personal “hello” out to me via Ruben, a Guatemalan IDDS participant here with me in Ghana.  Glad to hear you’re doing well!


One response to “IDDS Family Fun

  1. I’m happy to see some pictures up! Makes your readers feel a little more like we’re there with you!

    As you know, but I must say again, I am so happy for you. Reading about the process and the successes you’ve had so far are so uplifting. You’ll have something remarkable before you know it. It’s incredible to see how far you have come already. “3 yards at a time” sounds pretty good to me. 😉

    We’re cheering you on back home!

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