Final Presentation Posters

Below I have included PDFs of our posters which my team will present tomorrow at the final presentations.  The first poster will also be sent to each of the ten villages IDDS teams have visited over the past month.   I personally visited four of these villages.  Many of the people I met during these visits are being transported by IDDS to Kumasi tonight so that they can attend the presentations tomorrow.

The content is not very technical on purpose.  The most beautiful part of our siphon design is not very well explained.  I will need more time to explain, and will do so later, but for now: the hydrogen gas actuates the siphon when it reaches a set volume.  This correlates directly to a known amount of chlorine produced, and is entirely independant of the rate at which production occurs!  Beautiful.  If you have questions, please ask!  I look forward to explaining this better after I return and have speedy internet again.  Cheers!

Local Chlorine Production Final Presentation Posters


One response to “Final Presentation Posters

  1. Link isn’t working, just as an FYI 😉 I am excited to (hopefully?) see you when you get back.

    I moved into my apartment yesterday. Yikes!

    Hope all is well, E.

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