Long overdue update

Hello world,

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog.  I have many thoughts on these issues, and there are people who have posted comments or are related to this blog in some other way to whom I dearly need to respond.

The Local Chlorine Production and Chlorine Dosing IDDS 2009 teams combined forces in September 2009 and recruited several other business-minded folks from the Berkeley, CA area.  We have all been working hard in our separate locations of the world to push things forward.  More prototyping is occurring as is much business planning and grant/business plan competition application writing.

Most recently, our team was accepted to participate in the 2010 NCIIA March Madness for the Mind exhibition in San Francisco, CA next month.  Suprio will be flying in from India to represent our team along with other team members currently located in California.  Below is an attached image of our project currently visible on the NCIIA website.

I’ll be posting more updates and other thoughts which I should have articulated long ago as I am able.  Please feel free to ask questions directly through the comment function.  This will definitely lead to a quicker response.  😉


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